Learn Korean: Video Lessons on YouTube

The video lessons are now available on YouTube. Please refer to the following links for the current video lessons available!

Korean Alphabet

Sentence Order

Topic Particle - 는 / 은


  1. I really appreciate your dedication to this blog, it's been very helpful for my studying. Thank you so much!

  2. omg, you're back! Thanks God! teach us grammar again, please!
    i learned a lot with you in the past, Thank god you're back! TT.TT

  3. teacher, do you teach korean online?
    i mean, i need a teacher for specific question about korean! i really like your way to teach because is easy and simples. i can pay you for answer my questions, by online class, is it possibile? but if you only can reply me here and help me i will be also very thankfull! TT.TT

    1. Hi Licca Dias, it's such a late reply!@@ but sorry I don't do any private lesson. >< But you can leave a question here, though I cannot guarantee I'd be able to answer quick enough @@ because I'm generally busy with other commitments. But thanks for visiting my Korean language blog!


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