Object Particle - 를 / 을

Please refer to Korean Listening Exercise - Objective Particle 를/을 for the audio recording of the sentences found in this lesson.

The object particle, 를/을, is attached to an object which verbs describe.

Here are example sentences:

  • 나는 라면을 먹었다 = I ate noodles [Literally, noodles을 ate]
  • 책을 읽었다 = read a book
  • 콜라를 마셨다 = drank coke
  • TV를 봤다 = watched TV 
  • 옷을 입었다 = wore clothes
  • 집을 지었다 = built a house
  • 케잌을 만들었다 = made a cake

나 = I
라면 = noodles
먹다 = eat
책 = a book
읽다 = read
콜라 = coke
마시다 = drink
보다 = see, watch
옷 = clothes
입다 = wear
집 = house
짓다 = build
케잌 = a cake
만들다 = make

The usage difference between 를 and 을 is that 를 is used for nouns without a final consonant, and 을 for nouns with a final consonant for the pronunciation's sake.
  • 사진을 찍었다 = took a photo
  • 나무를 심었다 = planted a tree
  • 빵을 샀다 = bought some bread
  • 차를 팔았다 = sold a car
  • 강을 건넜다 = crossed a river
  • 다리를 지났다 = passed a bridge
  • 숙제를 했다 = did homework

사진 = a photo
찍다 = take (a photo)
나무 = a tree
심다 = plant (verb)
빵 = bread
사다 = buy
차 = a car
팔다 = sell
강 = a river
건너다 = cross (verb, motion)
다리 = bridge
지나다 = pass (verb, motion)
숙제 = homework
하다 = do

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  1. OH MAH GOODNESS!!! *raises hands and spins around* reading this is like epiphanies!!! Before, it just wouldn't click in my head but now, I go through it once and I'm like, okay I got this now. Thank you so much!


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