Korean Listening Exercise - This, It and That

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The sentences below are also found in This, It, and That.

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이것 = This
그것 = It
저것 = That

Written Korean (informal)
  • 이것은 연필이다. = This is a pencil.
  • 그것은 창문이다. = It is a window.
  • 저것은 꽃이다. = That is a flower.

Written Korean (polite)
  • 이것은 연필입니다. = This is a pencil.
  • 그것은 창문입니다. = It is a window.
  • 저것은 꽃입니다. = That is a flower.

Spoken Korean (informal)
  • 이건 연필이야.
  • 그건 창문이야.
  • 저건 꽃이야.

Spoken Korean (polite)
  • 이건 연필이에요.
  • 그건 창문이에요.
  • 저건 꽃이에요.

Spoken Korean 
  • 여기 = Here
  • 거기 = There (it)
  • 저기 = Over there

Written Korean (These can be used in spoken Korean as well, and are more formal than the ones above)
  • 이곳 = Here  (Lit. This place)
  • 그곳 = There (it) (Lit. That place (it) )
  • 저곳 = Over there (Lit. That place over there)

Spoken Korean (polite)

이곳은 어디예요? = Where is this place? (Where are we?)
이곳은 서울이에요. = This place is Seoul (We're in Seoul.)
저곳은 뭐예요? = What is that place over there?
그곳은 서울시청이에요. = That place (It) is Seoul City Council.
저기는 어디예요? = Where is that over there?
저기는 남대문이에요. = That is Namdaemun (shopping center).
그리고 여기는 세종문화회관이에요. = And this place is Sejong Cultural Center.

  • 이쪽 = This direction
  • 그쪽 = That direction (it)
  • 저쪽 = That direction

Spoken Korean (polite)

이쪽은 거실이에요. = This way is (to) the living room.
그쪽은 베란다예요. = That way (It) is (to) to the verandah.
저쪽은 출구예요. = That way is (to) the exit.

샘 [Sam]: 여기 화장실 어디 있어요? (Where is the toilet here?)
민지 [Minji]: 화장실은 저쪽에 있어요. (The toilet is that way.)
샘 [Sam]: 서점은 어디 있어요? (What about a bookstore? (Lit. In regards to a bookstore, where is it?))
민지 [Minji]:서점은 이쪽에 있어요. (There is a bookstore this way.)

이 나무 = This tree
그 집 = That house (It)
저 산 = That mountain
이 사과 맛있어요 = This apple is delicious
저 사과도 맛있어요 = That apple is delicious, too.
이 음식점은 비빔밥이 유명해요 = This restaurant is famous for Bibimbap. (Lit. This restaurant, Bimbimbap is famous.)
저 빌딩은 63(육삼)빌딩이에요 = That building is the 63 building. (The landmark building in Seoul)

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