Korean Listening Exercise - Nouns (Present, Past)

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The sentences below are also found in the original lesson, Nouns - Present, Past.

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사과 = an apple
연필 = a pencil

Written Korean (informal)

사과다 = is an apple
사과가 아니다 = is not an apple
사과였다 = was an apple
사과가 아니었다 = was not an apple

Spoken Korean (informal)

사과야 = is an apple
사과(가) 아니야 = is not an apple
사과였어 = was an apple
사과(가) 아니었어 = was not an apple

연필이야 = is a pencil
연필(이) 아니야 = is not a pencil
연필이었어 = was a pencil
연필(이) 아니었어 = was not a pencil

Written Korean (polite)

사과입니다 = is an apple
사과가 아닙니다 = is not an apple
사과였습니다 = was an apple
사과가 아니었습니다 = was not an apple

Spoken Korean (polite)

사과예요 = is an apple
사과(가) 아니에요 = is not an apple
사과였어요 = was an apple
사과(가) 아니었어요 = was not an apple

Spoken Korean (informal)

가게야 = is a shop
가방이야 = is a bag
꽃이 아니야 = is not a flower
구름이었어 = was a cloud
소고기였어 = was beef
항구가 아니었어 = was not a port
동물이 아니었어 = was not an animal

Spoken Korean (polite)

시계예요 = is a watch/clock
집이에요 = is a house/home
사람이었어요 = was a person
비둘기였어요 = was a pigeon
선생님이셨어요 = was a teacher (셨어요 is an honorific form commonly used when referring to a teacher)
빌딩(이) 아니었어요 = was not a building
닭고기(가) 아니었어요 = was not a chicken

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