Korean Listening Exercise - Topic Particle 는/은

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The sentences below are also found in Topic Particle - 는 / 은

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Written Korean (Informal)

나는 학생이다 = I am a student
그는 친절하다 = He is kind
이것은 연필이다 = This is a pencil
하늘은 높다 = The sky is high
그녀는 공부한다 = She studies
존은 갔다 = John went
영수는 먹었다 = Young-su ate

Spoken Korean (Informal)

(나는) 학생이야 = I am a student
걔는 친절해 = He is kind
이건 연필이야 = This is a pencil
하늘은 높아 = The sky is high
걔는 공부해 = She studies
존은 갔어 = John went
영수는 먹었어 = Young-su ate

Spoken Korean (Polite)

(저는) 학생이에요 = I am a student
걔는 친절해요 = He is kind
이건 연필이에요 = This is a pencil
하늘은 높아요 = The sky is high
걔는 공부해요 = She studies
존은 갔어요 = John went
영수는 먹었어요 = Young-su ate

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  1. thank you Luke. neomu neomu kahmsamnida!!

  2. I have a question... Is there an explanation on how to form the informal and polite versions? I will search around ^_^ thank you so much for this!

  3. Dear Mr. Luke:
    Thank you very much for the audio recording, they were very helpful for me. But I have a favour to ask, for me as a beginner you read a little bit fast, so I wish if you could read a little slower please.

    My regards

  4. I repeated it twice, thank youu so muchhhh


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