Korean alphabet - Consonants and Vowels

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This is another recording that I produced with my own voice.

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In this recording I pronounce the words below which are the common basic combinations of Korean consonants and vowels.

ㅏ(a): 가(ga) 나(na) 다(da) 라(ra) 마(ma) 바(ba) 사(sa) 아(a) 자(ja) 차(cha) 카(ka) 타(ta) 파(pa) 하(ha)
ㅑ(ya): 갸 냐 댜 랴 먀 뱌 샤 야 쟈 챠 캬 탸 퍄 햐
ㅓ(eo): 거 너 더 러 머 버 서 어 저 처 커 터 퍼 허
ㅕ(yeo): 겨 녀 뎌 려 며 벼 셔 여 져 쳐 켜 텨 펴 혀
ㅗ(o): 고 노 도 로 모 보 소 오 조 초 코 토 포 호
ㅛ(yo): 교 뇨 됴 료 묘 뵤 쇼 요 죠 쵸 쿄 툐 표 효
ㅜ(u): 구 누 두 루 무 부 수 우 주 추 쿠 투 푸 후
ㅠ(yu): 규 뉴 듀 류 뮤 뷰 슈 유 쥬 츄 큐 튜 퓨 휴
ㅡ(eu): 그 느 드 르 므 브 스 으 즈 츠 크 트 프 흐
ㅣ(i): 기 니 디 리 미 비 시 이 지 치 키 티 피 히

ㄲ(kk): 가(ga) 까(kka) 카(ka)
ㄸ(tt): 다(da) 따(tta) 타(ta)
ㅃ(pp): 바(ba) 빠(ppa) 파(pa)
ㅆ(ss): 사(sa) 싸(ssa)
ㅉ(jj): 자(ja) 짜(jja) 차(cha)

ㅐ (ae): 개 내 대
ㅒ (yae): 걔 냬 댸
ㅔ (e): 게 네 데
ㅖ (ye): 계 녜 뎨
ㅘ (wa): 과 놔 돠
ㅙ (wae): 괘 놰 돼
ㅚ (oe): 괴 뇌 되
ㅝ (wo): 궈 눠 둬
ㅞ (we): 궤 눼 뒈
ㅟ (wi): 귀 뉘 뒤
ㅢ (ui): 긔 늬 듸

사자 = a lion


  1. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for making these audio lessons. I've been searching for this learning method with very, very little luck so finding your site is like a goldmine. It amazes me how few people focus on sound recognition first when learning a language and instead start with grammar, since as you mentioned in your introductory post, listening is the method in which we learn our language as babies.

    Honestly, I was starting to get overwhelmed because I knew I wouldn't be able to properly approach learning a language unless I perfected not only the pronunciation of the vowels and consonants, but my detection of them when heard. I was getting paranoid about proceeding with learning Korean after memorizing hangul because it had become like a visual embodiment of a language I couldn't hear correctly, since we all know the sound of language can't be communicated through text.

    Now that I've found someone who speaks my 'learning-a-language' language though, I've gained confidence in my ability to learn Korean, so again, thank you.

    I do have a question though- is there any difference in how a female might pronounce certain sounds compared to a male?

    1. You're welcome!!
      Hope you can get most out of these lessons!

      As for your question, I don't think there's much difference between how male and female pronounce things.

      Well, there's a natural difference in tone and accent between male and female as in any other languages around the world. But other than that, I don't think you'd need to study a specific rule or something to distinguish between male and female pronunciations.

  2. I think Korean language is very beautiful and scientifc and it's also very practical to use in many ways. I love how I can quickly type Korean letters on my comupter as well as on smartphone. Although, mastering korean language takes time especially the pronunciation and speaking but reading and writing is quite easy to learn once you get the hang of the vowels and consonants. I have learned to read and write in couple of months since I started learning and I can't stop because I am enjoying it so much. I thinking learning Korean language opens a new window of endless opportunity such as Korean culture and history. I got started because of K-Pop. I love K-Pop such as The Girls Generations and Sistar. It's quite fascianting once you start to understand the lyrics of the song and next thing you know it, you start singing along.

    Anyways, good luck to everyone who is trying to learn Korean and never give up. I think the satisfaction and reward for learning Korean will pay off as you will found out. Peace Y'all~

  3. Annyeong Haseyo...
    I'm a new beginner here and very excited to learn korean language since I'm a fan ok KD Dramas. I really envy with those who can speak and understand korean well and hopefully I'll be one of them soon. Today is my lucky day since it's my birthday and finding your website becomes as a valuable present for me. Also, today is my first time I use a simple words (korean) with my supplier in Korean via email and he encourage me very well. So, Luke I hope you can help me since I am Malaysian and old enough to start with. Hahaha.....

  4. I hit the jackpot by finding your blog..... woooow!!! thank you so much!

  5. 언녕하세요...

    Thank you very much for your excellent "Learn Korean" website, and especially for the extremely helpful audio recordings. I am a big fan of Korean culture, so for a long time I have been trying to learn the Korean language. However, while the Korean alphabet is not so complicated, the grammar and pronunciation are an enormous challenge for a native English speaker such as myself. Your website has been a fun, interesting, and most useful aid to learning Korean.

  6. Hi,
    i want to ask about ㄹ when we pronoun l , s


  7. Thx a lot.. I was wanting to self-study korean ever since i get addicted to kpop and kdramas..

  8. This is so nice of you luke! I'm really touched if your generosity for sharing this free lesson on line.. I'm sure you have helped a lot of people... God bless you :)

  9. I was just thinking to take Korean language courses. when I found your blog, it was like I found my classroom. Thank you so much luke :D

  10. I have problems with pronunciation and this is great help. 감사합니다!

  11. Greetings, Luke.

    First off,
    hate to sound repetitive, but thank you so very much for this great website. Just like many have stated, the grammar and explanations for each and one of them are simply amazing. Simple and straight to the point. Just after a few lessons (at the numbers now), I can say I understand everything so much better now.

    Secondly, when I was reading your lessons, I thought you were an English person who knows very good Korean. But then I decided to listen to your pronunciations, simply for fun and as a guidance of how to pronounce an A sound, as I seem to have a problem with that (I make it sound more like a long, open A for some reason). And then I noticed, you actually aren't an English native person, which is a bit of a surprise to me, since your English grammar is so good. I am giving you a thousand cheers for the great site once again! 고맙습니다!

  12. Thankyou luke !!
    now i can finally learn korean...i love korean songs and tv series. Someday i hope i will be able to understand them without english translations :)

  13. It's so so nice of you to create such great lessons as these, so useful, very clear and easy to follow. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart!! You did amazing job, Luke ^^~:x

  14. Thanx a lot :) :)

  15. Can anyone translate this into English? What does it mean? 사진돟구뇨

  16. Hi Luke,
    I just want to say that I am so glad I found your site. I have been struggling to learn Korean on my own and actually considered stopping all together, but finding your site and reading and listening to you explain things has made it so much more accessible for me - so thank you for doing this.

  17. thank you, i really want to learn Korean ! i'm so happy and exited because i've finally found a way to learn it . :D
    선생님 감사합니다

  18. Thank you! I hope you are still here!! Excellent learning material.

  19. I have been looking all over the internet for this kind of tutorial. Thank you so much for the Audio :) This is really helpful. More power to you luke god bless :)

  20. I'm so grateful for this recording, thank you so very much, but is it just me or is it that the recording for this is missing? Help me please~
    ㅓ(eo): 거 너 더 러 머 버 서 어 저 처 커 터 퍼 허
    ㅕ(yeo): 겨 녀 뎌 려 며 벼 셔 여 져 쳐 켜 텨 펴 혀

  21. Thanks Luke.... very helpful

  22. 언녕하세요 Luke, I'm happy I found you in 2019. Thank you very much for your wonderful recordings. They are great help. I hope to speak Korean fluently soon.

  23. 안녕하세요.
    정말 고맙습니다 for this useful and amazing learning audios, writing , tutorials for us. Your tutorial show how understanding person you are according to that you made this tutorial in a easy and quick learning way.. seriously we all r lucky to found you here💜. You are really amazing 선생님🌹.
    감사합니다 선생님.
    Hope to see you with many new updates plz keep in touch with us. All the pronunciation in these audios are very helpful and clear atleast finally gt to know how to speak specific word this which way.all the alphabets and audios are clear 👍.


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