About the Google Adsense and Donations

(Published on 07/10/2009)

Note: I have kept this blog ad-free so far because money was not such a motivating factor for me at all, and I certainly did not expect to gain any money off adsense from this blog. The ads were also distracting.

However, I later thought maybe I could use a little profit gained from Google adsense, and donate the money to a good cause. The recent devastating earthquake in Haiti has been the motivating factor for me to implement this change. 

I hope the visitors and regular readers of my blog will not find this change too distracting, and this change won't be too much of a nuisance or inconvenience.

I absolutely promise that every dollar and cent earned from Google Adsense will be donated to charities. The first $100 earned will be donated to Compassion, and used for Disaster Relief in Haiti.

I will even post the receipt of the first $100 I receive from Google Adsense once I get the money and donate them to charities.

Update: The Adsense has generated $54.50 so far. There's still a lot to go before reaching the goal of $100. The Google only pays me if the money generated exceeds $100. After I receive the cheque, I promise I will pay the money directly to Compassion. :)


  1. Hi Luke, I'm so sorry to read that you are closing this wonderful blog. I've chanced upon your site only recently and have been visiting it regularly to supplement my weekly Korean language lessons. It has been most useful and it's great to understand the grammar usage in depth. Good sites like this are really hard to come by. Would you care to reconsider your decision?

  2. This is disappointing, but if you feel like you've done all you can, I totally understand. You've definitely laid out a good groundwork for learning Korean at least. I'll figure out the rest somehow!

  3. Thank you, Luke, for all the useful explanations and posts. It has been immensely useful. For those who are looking for more on Korean grammar, I heartily recommend a book called "Using Korean".

  4. Luke, thank you so much for all of your hard work. You've truly provided learners like me with both the gift of an invaluable and infinitely useful resource and the gift of a language. I wish you all the best in the future. Thanks again!

  5. Luke, thank U. :)

  6. so sad... I wish you could continue.. it was a wonderful blog. cant you reconsider it ?
    thanks for all you've done so far.

  7. Your works were and are with merit, Luke. Thanks for the hand you offered to everyone willing to learn the Korean language.

    I will good luck to you, now and in the future! Thanks again!

  8. thankyou for making this great blog! It will continue to be appreciated!

  9. I'm so sad to see it go :( I just found it recently and was so excited to finally find such a comprehensive language guide. But, I guess you have to do what you feel is right. Thanks for everything you did help all of us netizens with. :)

  10. I just found this site right now but immediately I can tell that it is very straightforward and useful. I will be using this from now on until I cover all the blogs you've posted thus far. I too am already sad knowing that you stopped posting.

  11. Hey! I also have only chanced upon your blog recently, but it's been a great help. I've been learning Korean for 20 hours a week with no English explanations, so I have really appreciated all of your hard work here. I hope you leave the entries up that are here. And I am very grateful for your work! :)

  12. Hey I just found your blog through a random Google search. Thanks a lot for your hard work! It's really hard to find resources that teach informal spoken Korean... I hope you leave your entries ^^

  13. Thank you, I found this blog sometime ago and it's been super helpful. I found answers here on many things that have been bothering me. So really, thanks for your hard work! If it wasn't for your blog I wouldn't be as far learning korean as I am now ^^ After finishing reading your blog, I'm sure my korean friends can help me with the rest. Bye Luke and good luck!

  14. Thanks for all your help! ^_^ Whenever I had a question about grammar, you would always have the answer,

  15. Hey Luke, I really appreciate all the work you put into this blog. It helped me a lot! Thank you!! Be well!

  16. This site has helped me so many times over the past year and a half. It seems like every time I google for specific Korean grammar, this site comes up as one of the top hits. Thanks so much for your hard work Luke. I'll be sad to see this site go.

  17. Hi Luke.
    I feel so lucky can found this site.
    Thanks for your hard work Luke :)
    This site really help me :)
    I will suggest it to the others.

  18. Hey Hey ^^ Thanks for dropping by my blog and leave me a comment. U're so kind. I used to study your blog to learn korean but I still haven't finish it.. Hahaa.. ^^ I appreciate your effort and I will keep support you~ Teacher Luke Park ^^

  19. You're welcome, Mika. It's my pleasure being able to help you learn Korean.

    I also might consider posting entries again, and possibly rewriting some posts. I haven't decided anything yet. But the support from you and all the other visitors and readers of my blog is invaluable to me. :)

  20. Hi Luke,

    I've spent a long time thinking about how to convince you to continue posting on this blog. It seemed to me from your last post that you felt your blog didn't have what it takes to help us (your readers), to better understand Korean.
    There are 3 reasons why you should/need to re-open your blog and continue helping others learn Korean.

    1) Your blog is one of the most consise and well organized Korean language resources on the internet. It provides readers a window into how Korean is really used. You are really good at breaking down complex things and make them understandable.

    2) By continuing your work, you are helping others to better understand Korean culture. Can you imagine how many Korean learners have benefitted from your posts thus far. You have affected several lives in a positive way, including mine.

    3) Finally, your grammar guide gives most Korean language books out there some tough competition. Your blog was far more helpful to me than most of the Korean language books that I've purchased.

    My message to you is, and I think all of your readers will agree, is that you have a gift in teaching others Korean language. Don't give up on your commitment to make a difference.


    Hamza Benzine
    Law Student

  21. Hi Hamza,

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful and considerate comment.
    I really do appreciate it.

    I've actually been thinking about posting more entries.
    I think I will start posting soon.
    However, I'm not sure when.
    It could be tomorrow, next month or later.

    I have been seeing the constant growth in the number of visitors in my blog so I thought maybe I could post more grammar points for the Korean learners.

    Let me thank you, Hamza, again for your comment. I was actually quite moved reading it.

    I also wish all the visitors and regulars readers in my blog good luck with their Korean!



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