Of course, I've done it before - 해봤죠

(Of course), I've done it (before) - (당연히) (전에) 해봤죠

당연히 = Of course
전에 = before
해봤죠 = I've done it

Usually, when we use 해봤죠, 당연히 and 전에 are implied and omitted. So if I say, "축구 해봤죠," it means, "(Of course), I've played soccer (before)."

When 축구 해봤죠 is used as a question like "축구 해봤죠?", it means, "You have played soccer before, haven't you?"

해봤죠 is a formal form and 해봤지 is an informal form.
해봤죠 is a contracted form of 해봤지요. 


  • 축구 해봤지. = (Of course), I've played soccer (before). [Informal]
  • 축구 해봤지? = You have played soccer (before), haven't you? [Informal]

Usually, 봤죠 form is used as an answer to a question.

  • 축구 해봤어요? = Have you played soccer (before)?
  • 축구 해봤죠 = (Of course), I've played soccer (before).
  • 축구 안해봤죠 = (Of course), I haven't played soccer (before).
Alternative answers
  • (예), 축구 해봤어요 = (Yea), I've played soccer (before).
  • (아뇨), 축구 안해봤어요 = (No), I haven't played soccer (before).

References:  Try doing - 해 보다, It's cold, isn't it? - 춥지요?


Informal present spoken form of verbs + 봤죠

  • 해봤죠 = (Of course), I've done it (before)
  • 먹어봤죠 = (Of course), I've tried[eaten] it (before)
  • 가봤죠 = (Of course), I've been[gone] there (before)
  • 사봤죠 = (Of course), I've bought it (before)
  • 입어봤죠 = (Of course), I've tried it on[worn it] (before)
  • 살아봤죠 = (Of course), I've lived there (before)

Example Sentences 
  • (전에) 김치 먹어봤어요? = Have you tried kimchi (before)? 
  • (당연히) 김치 먹어봤죠. = (Of course), I've tried kimchi (before).
  • 서울 가봤어요? = Have you been to Seoul (before)?
  • 서울 가봤죠. = (Of course), I've been to Seoul (before).
  • 미국에서 살아봤죠. = (Of course), I've lived in the States (before).
  • 파스타 만들어봤죠. = (Of course), I've made pasta (before). [Therefore, I know how to cook pasta.]
  • 일본 가봤죠? = You've been to Japan, haven't you?
  • 중국 안가봤죠? = You haven't been to China, have you?
  • 카레 안먹어봤죠? = You haven't tried curry before, have you?
  • 에콰도르에서 안 살아봤죠? = You've never lived in Ecuador before, have you?
Note: Kimchi is traditional Korean food. It is a hot and spicy pickled cabbage dish. Link to photos of kimchi

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