Learn Korean Language - 017

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 017

  • 오늘은 좀 어때요? = How are you feeling today?
  • 걱정하지 마세요. 괜찮아요. = Don't worry. I'm fine/OK.
The use of "오늘은 좀 어때요?" really depends on the context. Generally, it can be used when you are talking to someone who has been sick and asking them if they feel OK today.

Korean words:

좀 = a little bit/please
  • 물 좀 주세요. = Please, give me water.
  • 밥 좀 더 주세요. = Please, give me some more rice.
  • 아직 시작하지 마세요. = Please don't start yet.
  • 밀지 마세요. = Please don't push.
  • 장난치지 마세요. = Please don't kid around.
Wrap It Up!
  • 걱정하지 말아요. = Please don't worry.
  • 난 괜찮아요. = I'm OK.
  • 울지 마세요. = Please don't cry.
  • 난 괜찮아요. = I'm fine.
  • 제발 울지 마세요. = PLEASE don't cry.
  • 눈에 고춧가루가 들어갔어요. = Powdered red pepper got into my eyes.

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  1. 좀 is one of the spoken language expresssions which simply doesn't have much meaning at all. You know, like, er, or, um. Does anybody agree? disagree? My tutor told me that today. I'm just parroting him, as he told me it today and here it is again ~


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