Learn Korean Language - 016

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 016

I haven't posted any videos of "Let's Speak Korean" for a long time but it's still as brilliant a study material as ever.

  • 감기 걸렸어요? = Did you catch a cold?
  • 네, 목이 너무 아파요. = Yes. I have a sore throat. (Lit. My throat is very sore.)
  • 다리 아파요. = My legs hurt.
  • 머리 아파요. = I have a headache (Lit. My head hurts)
  • 콧물이 나와요. = I have a runny nose. (Lit. Snot comes out.)
  • 열이 있어요. = I have a fever. (Lit. There is a fever)
Korean words:

감기 = a cold
콧물 = snot ("The fluid in your nose" as Lisa put it. lol.)
열 = a fever, heat

Wrap It Up!
  • 머리가 아파요. = I have a headache.
  • 열도 있어요. = I also have a fever.
  • 목도 아파요. = I also have a sore throat.
  • 다행이에요. 벼락 맞은 것 치고는. = You are fortunate/lucky (to have survived). Considering that you got hit by a lightening.
In spoken Korean, the sentence order is quite flexible. "벼락 맞은 것 치고는 다행이에요" would be the usual way of speaking. However, we can say 다행이에요 first and 벼락 맞은 것 치고는 next.

For example,
  • 놀이공원에서 놀아서 재밌었어요 = Because we played/mucked around in the theme park, it was fun.
  • 재밌었어요. 놀이공원에서 놀아서. = It was fun. Because we played/mucked around in the theme park.


  1. You are right! I love this series.

  2. I also learn Korean from let's speak Korean (:
    I am on episode 146 now


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