Learn Korean Language - 013

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 013

We learn about the expression, Try doing - ~해 보다 in this lesson.

  • 떡국을 먹어 봤어요? = Have you tried eating 떡국?
  • 네, 먹어 봤어요. = Yes, I have.
  • 아뇨, 안 먹어 봤어요. = No, I haven't.
  • 아직, 안 먹어 봤어요. = No, I haven't tried it yet.
저기 가 봤어요? =  Have you gone there? [= Have you tried going there?]
여기 와 봤어요? =  Have you come here? [= Have you tried coming here?]
마셔 봤어요? = Have you tried drinking it?
해 봤어요? = Have you done it?

많이 먹어 봤어요. = I have eaten it many times. 

Extra Korean Words:

Written Form
  • 맛있다 = delicious (present)
  • 맛있습니다 = delicious (formal present)
  • 맛있었다 = delicious (past)
  • 맛있었습니다 = delicious (formal past)
Spoken Form
  • 맛있어 = delicious (present)
  • 맛있어요 = delicious (formal present)
  • 맛있었어 = delicious (past)
  • 맛있었어요 = delicious (formal past)
Jason used the formal past form of delicious which is 맛있었어요 to ask Miriam:
  • 맛있었어요? = Was it delicious?
Notes on:
Adjectives - Present, Past
Adjectives - Formal [Present, Past]

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