Learn Korean Language - 012

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 012

  • 오래간만이에요! = Long time no see!
  • 그 동안 별일 없었어요? = How have you been?
오래 = long (time)
오래간만 = long time since

오래간만 refers to the long time that we haven't seen each other for since we had last met. 오래간만 is treated as a noun and 이에요 is attached after it.(Nouns - Present, Past)

Korean words:
  • 그 = that
  • 동안 = a period, during
  • 별일 = anything special
  • 없다 = there isn't
  • 없었어요 = there wasn't (formal spoken form)
So 그 동안 별일 없었어요? essentially means "During that period wasn't there anything special (that happened to you)?" [= How have you been?/Have you been well?]
  • 네, 별일 없었어요 = Yea. I'm cool [= Yea, no, there wasn't anything special (that happened to me)]
  • 네, 잘 지냈어요 = Yes, I've spent my time well.

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