Korean Listening Exercise - Particles - 에서, 까지 [From, to; at/in]

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For more explanations on the following sentences below, please refer to the lesson, Particles - 에서, 까지 [From, to; at/in].

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Example sentences

집에서 학교까지 = From home to school

1(한)시에서 2(두)시까지 = From 1pm to 2pm

영국에서 왔어 = I came from England

산 정상까지 올라갔다 = I climbed up to the summit of the mountain.

저녁까지 돌아와 = Come back by evening

캐나다까지 갔다 = I went as far as Canada.

  • 집 = house, home
  • 학교 = school
  • 영국 = England
  • 산 정상 = mountain summit
  • 저녁 = evening
  • 캐나다 = Canada

Example sentences

학교에서 미식축구를 했다. = At school, we played American football.

일식집에서 초밥을 먹었다 = At a Japanese restaurant, I ate sushi.

공원에서 배드민턴을 쳤다 = In the park, we played badminton.

방에서 공부를 했다 = In my room, I studied.

화장실에서 샤워를 했다 = In the bathroom, I had a shower.
  • 미식축구 = American football
  • 일식집 = Japanese restaurant
  • 초밥 = sushi
  • 공원 = park
  • 배드민턴 = badminton
  • 방 = room
  • 공부 = study (noun)
  • 공부를 했다 = studied
  • 화장실 = bathroom/toilet
  • 샤워 = shower
  • 샤워를 했다 = had a shower (Lit. did a shower)

Note: In spoken Korean, 를/을 is usually omitted.

For example:

  • 공부를 했다 → 공부 했어 (I studied)
  • 샤워를 했다 → 샤워 했어 ( I had a shower)
  • 저녁을 먹었다 → 저녁 먹었어 (I had dinner)


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  2. Thank you so much for your teaching. It's quite clear. It's really great to have audio MP3s in your lessons. It's very useful and helpfulfor the beginners. If you can add some grammar tips in each lesson, that'll be perfect. Much appreciated! Nicole


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