Learn Korean Listening Exercise - Pronouns (He, She) - 얘, 쟤, 걔

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For more explanations on the following sentences below, please refer to the lesson, Pronouns (He, She) - 얘, 쟤, 걔.

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  • 얘 = He or She (This person)
  • 쟤 = He or She (That person)
  • 걔 = He or She (The person we're talking about who is not present here)

얘, 쟤 and 걔 are the personal equivalents of 이것, 저것, 그것 which are used to refer to "things or inanimate objects."

Example sentences:
  • 효민: 톰 안녕, 는 안나야 
  • Hyo-min: Hey, Tom. This (person) is Anna.

  • 톰: 효민아 안녕. 안녕 안나, 만나서 반가워.
  • Tom: Hey Hyo-min, Hi Anna, nice to meet you.

  • 톰: 저기 대학빌딩 앞에 는 누구야?
  • Tom: Who is that (person) in front of the university building over there?
저기 = there
대학 = university
빌딩 = building
앞 = front
누구 = who
  • 효민: 아, 는 성준이야.
  • Hyo-min: Well, that (person) is Sung-jun.

  • 톰: 아, 그리고, 가 누구더라? 예전에 시티에서 같이 저녁 먹었던 애.
  • Tom: Oh, right. And, who was that person (not present)? The guy we had a dinner together with in the city a while ago.

그리고 = and
예전 = before
시티 = city
같이 = together
저녁 = evening, dinner
애 = a guy/girl

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