Korean Listening Exercise - Object Particle 를/을

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The sentences below are also found in Object Particle - 를 / 을

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Written Korean (informal)

나는 라면을 먹었다 = I ate noodles [Literally, noodles을 ate]
책을 읽었다 = read a book
콜라를 마셨다 = drank coke
TV(티비)를 봤다 = watched TV
옷을 입었다 = wore clothes
집을 지었다 = built a house
케잌을 만들었다 = made a cake

사진을 찍었다 = took a photo
나무를 심었다 = planted a tree
빵을 샀다 = bought some bread
차를 팔았다 = sold a car
강을 건넜다 = crossed a river
다리를 지났다 = passed a bridge
숙제를 했다 = did homework

Spoken Korean (informal)

난(나는) 라면을 먹었어 = I ate noodles [Literally, noodles을 ate]
책을 읽었어 = read a book
콜라를 마셨어 = drank coke
TV(티비)를 봤어 = watched TV
옷을 입었어 = wore clothes
집을 지었어 = built a house
케잌을 만들었어 = made a cake

사진을 찍었어 = took a photo
나무를 심었어 = planted a tree
빵을 샀어 = bought some bread
차를 팔았어 = sold a car
강을 건넜어 = crossed a river
다리를 지났어 = passed a bridge
숙제를 했어 = did homework

Spoken Korean (polite)

전(저는) 라면을 먹었어요 = I ate noodles [Literally, noodles을 ate]
책을 읽었어요 = read a book
콜라를 마셨어요 = drank coke
TV(티비)를 봤어요 = watched TV
옷을 입었어요 = wore clothes
집을 지었어요 = built a house
케잌을 만들었어요 = made a cake

사진을 찍었어요 = took a photo
나무를 심었어요 = planted a tree
빵을 샀어요 = bought some bread
차를 팔았어요 = sold a car
강을 건넜어요 = crossed a river
다리를 지났어요 = passed a bridge
숙제를 했어요 = did homework

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  1. thank you so much for these lesons :)

  2. Whats the difference between informal/plain? And then whats the difference between formal/polite/humble/honorific? And in this context does polite also mean formal?


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