3 Simple Ways To Learn Korean Words

Learning Korean words can be a difficult task for a beginner of the Korean language. However, with right methods, you can significantly speed up the process. I share with you 3 simple ways to learning words in Korean language.

  1. First, Memorise Korean Words You WANT to Learn

It is important that you learn Korean words that are commonly used in everyday conversations. However, it is also essential that you choose words that interest you. Prioritizing which word to learn is an important initial step in keeping your motivation up about learning the Korean language!

  1. Listen to the same Korean Words Repetitively

Listen to the Korean words you learned in the native Korean pronunciation. I'd recommend that you ask your Korean friend to pronounce it for you. If you don't have that option, try Google Translate which has a function of listening to the words you typed in. If you're a little familiar with websites written in Korean, try Naver Korean Dictionary which has the same function as Google Translate, allowing you to listen to the native Korean speaker.

3. Practice Speaking The Words To Your Family, Friends or Yourself!

The last, but not least, important step in mastering words in Korean language is that you practice speaking them to your family, friends or yourself. This practice allows you to memorise the words faster and helps you recall them more easily later in the future.

Remember the three steps of learning words in Korean language! First, learn words that particularly interest you. Second, listen to those words repetitively with the help of your Korean friend or dictionary tools. Lastly, practice pronouncing them to other people around you, so that you'll be able to memorise them quickly and use them later in the future in conversations with your Korean friends.

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  1. Exactly, can't agree more! Plus, get a teacher like I did, at Learn Korean ~~

    Amanda :)


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