I will go first - 먼저 갈게

먼저 갈게 is used colloquially to mean 'you will go home/leave first.'

It's used when you leave a place before your friend(s).

For example,

After school/work, if you leave first before others, you may say:

  • 나 먼저 갈게. 내일 보자 = I will leave/go home first. See you tomorrow.

  • 먼저 + Verb (Take off 다 and add ㄹ 게 for verbs without final consonants, and 을게 for verbs with final consonants)

  • 하다 → 할게 
    • 먼저 할게 = I'll do first

  • 먹다 → 먹을게
    • 먼저 먹을게 = I'll eat first

  • 먼저 할게 = I will do first
  • 먼저 갈게 = I will go first
  • 먼저 볼게 = I will watch/see first
  • 먼저 먹을게 = I will eat first
  • 먼저 마실게 = I will drink first
  • 먼저 자러 갈게 = I will go to sleep first
  • 먼저 살게 = I will buy first 

Example sentences

  • 나 먼저 이 물 마실게 = I will drink this water first

  • 졸려서 나 먼저 자러 갈게 = Because I'm sleepy, I'll go to sleep first

  • 너 배 안고프면 나 먼저 먹을게 = If you're not hungry, I'll eat first

  • 지금 이 책 안읽으면 나 먼저 볼게 = If you're not reading this book, I'll read it first

  • 오늘은 일찍 들어가야 되서. 먼저 갈게. 내일 봐 = Today, Because I gotta get home early. I'll go (home) first. See you tomorrow 

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