I heard / You said - ~며

며 can mean "I heard" or "You said."

The meaning of 며 depends on the context, i.e. what sentence follows next.

For example,

  • 정수야, 서울에 간다며? 잘 갔다와.
  • = Hey, Jeong-su, I heard you're going to Seoul. Have a nice trip!

  • 정수야, 서울에 간다며. 아직 안갔어?
  • = Hey, Jeong-su, you said you're going to Seoul. You haven't left yet? 

Add 며 to verbs / adjectives.

한다 (present written form) + 며 = 한다며 = You said you'd do

  • 간다며 = I heard you go (are going) / You said you go (are going)
  • 온다며 = I heard you come / You said you come
  • 먹는다며 = I heard you eat / You said you eat
  • 마신다며 = I heard you drink / You said you drink
  • 잔다며 = I heard you sleep / You said you sleep
  • 일어난다며 = I heard you wake up / get up // You said you wake up / get up
  • 논다며 = I heard you play / have fun // You'd said you play / have fun

했다 (past written form) + 며 = 했다며 = I heard you did / You said you did
  • 갔다며 = I heard / You said you've gone 
  • 왔다며 = I heard / You said you've come
  • 먹었다며 = I heard / You said you've eaten
  • 샀다며 = I heard / You said you've bought

하자 (let's do) + 며 = 하자며 = You said let's do / I heard you want us to do
  • 가자며 = You said let's go / I heard you want us to go
  • 먹자며 = You said let's eat / I heard you want us to eat
  • 놀자며 = You said let's play / have fun // I heard you want us to play / have fun 
  • 만들자며 = You said let's make / I heard you want us to make  

Example sentences:
  • 상철아, 너 항상 아침 5시 반에 일어난다며. 안 피곤해? = Hey, Sang-cheol, I heard you always get up at 5:30. Aren't you tired? 

  • 상철아, 너 항상 아침 5시 반에 일어난다며. 지금 7시야 = Hey, Sang-cheol, you said you always get up at 5:30. It's 7 o'clock now.

  • 톰, 내일 네팔에 간다며? = Hey Tom, I heard you're going to Nepal tomorrow.

  • 민정아, 시드니에 갔다왔다며? = Hey, Min-jeong, I heard you've been to Sydney.

갔다오다 = have been

  • 제시카, 인도에서 인도음식 많이 먹었다며? = Hey, Jessica, I heard you've eaten a lot of Indian food in India.

  • 밥먹자며? 근데 배 안고파? = You said let's eat! But you aren't hungry?

  • 아이스크림 사자며? 근데 왜 케익 가게를 가? = You said let's buy icecream. But why are we going to a cake shop?

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