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용감한 중학생, 화재현장 주민 구출
(Brave middle school students, saving people from houses on fire)
[SBS 출발 모닝와이드 (Start, Morning-Wide)]

This is a news-type video from SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) that I found on YouTube. This video is a good example of how the written Korean and spoken Korean are used differently. Please see how the news reporter uses the written form when he's reporting the news, usually ending with ~니다. However, when people are speaking, they use the spoken form, usually ending with ~요.

번역 (Translations)

범죄를 저지르는 겁없는 10대들도 있습니다만 목숨을 구한 용감한 10대들도 있습니다.

지난 28일 오후 경기도 안양의 한 빌라에서 불이 나서 건물 3층 내부를 전부 태웠습니다.

화재가 시작된 안방입니다.

이 곳에 있었던 60대 여성은 결국 화마를 피하지 못하고 숨을 거두고 말았습니다.

그런데 더 큰 인명피해를 막을 수 있었던 건 지나가던 두명의 소년이었습니다.

"이상한 냄새가 나서 밥을 태우나..."

"불 난 건 전혀 몰랐어요."

"저녁 먹을려고 막 하는디 이 얘들이 손벽이랑 주먹으로 막 문을 때리면서 불났다고 빨리 내려가시라고 빨리 내려가시라고. 겁이나서 그냥 내려와 버렸지요."

이 곳을 지나던 두명의 남학생은 이 건물 3층에서 검은 연기가 피어오르는 것을 보고는 어떤 다른 생각을 할 겨를도 없이 건물 안으로 뛰어 들어갔다고 합니다.

불길을 보고도 그대로 뛰어든 소년들은 집집마다 문을 두드리며 화재 사실을 알렸는데요.

"연기가 좀 크게 나가지고 저기 창문에 불붙어 있고 창문 깨지는 소리 들리고 하니까 바로 신고 했고 건물로 올라가서 대피하시라고"

"그때 주민들은 불이 난 지 모르고 있었어요?"

"예, 다 모르고 밥 드시거나 쉬시고 계셔가지고."

당시 상황을 전혀 몰랐던 주민 10여명 이들의 도움으로 대피할 수 있었습니다.

"큰일날 뻔 했습니다."

"저희들이 벌써 도착을 했을 때는 이제 밖으로 연기하고 저 이제 뭐 화염이 좀 나오고 있는 상태였고..."

"만일 그 친구들이 대피시키지 않았다면 더 큰 피해로 이어질 수 있었던 부분인가요?"

"그렇죠. 제가 생각해도 학생으로서는 정말 잘한 일이라고 정말 칭찬을 해주고 싶습니다."

"저 학생들 아니었으면 모르죠. 몰라요. 고맙죠."

"꼭 끌어안아 주고 싶더라고요. 너무 기특해가지고."

두 학생을 다시 만난 주민들 연신 고마운 마음을 표현합니다. 

주민들의 칭찬을 받았지만 두 학생은 문이 잠겨 있어서 3층 할머니를 구하지 못한 것이 내심 안타깝다고 합니다.

"장례식을 어디에서 하는지 물어보고 가까운 데면 인사드리러 가려고요 한번."

"앞으로 저런 일 생긴다 해도 웬만해서는 들어가야죠."

두소년들의 신속하고 용기있는 행동이 큰 인명피해를 막을 수 있었습니다.  


  1. Thanks for the translation! I bet those boys' mothers are very proud of them.

  2. I didn't realise you were making available news with transcripts and translations. I'll definitely be checking your website regularly from now on! :-)

  3. <To Ceiling of Stars,

    Yes! I couldn't agree more! :-)

    <To Anno,

    I hope it's helpful! How do you find it? Can you follow what they're saying with the transcripts?

    I'm trialing it for some of you who want to improve your listening skills. If many of you find it helpful, I might put more of these videos on the blog. :-)

  4. Yes, it's incredibly helpful!

    Without the transcripts it would be a bit hard to follow -- I'm rather bad following the tempo in news (and there's lots of newsy words I'm unfamiliar with as well) However, with the transcripts its much easier.

  5. Hi, Luke. I have several question.
    1. What's the meaning of 따라 다니며? Is that phrase from "따라다 (follow) + 다니며" or "따라다 (follow) + 니며" ? Then, what's the meaning of 다니며 or 니며? Is it a kind of particle?
    2. I've tried to translate this sentence: 이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자.
    이렇게 = like this
    바라만 = just wait
    혼자 = alone
    But I'm not sure what 보며 means. Is it from 보다 + 며? Then, what's the function of particle 며?
    3. I don't know the function of particle 니 in this sentence:
    I just know that 겠 means will.
    Would you explain it?
    Thanks a lot. Sorry for bothering you with so many question.

  6. I wanted to recommend you the show immortal song which is known as 불후의명곡 in korean in case you haven't heard of it yet. it's just amazing, just watch hyorin or ali's performances. It's pure musical goodness. I watch it because I want to watch it because it's pure musical goodness as opposed to it's korean i should watch it. having fun is very important!!

    the other thing is drama scripts are online and i've posted links to those sites in forum post which can be found here;


    good day :)

  7. Hi Millati,

    This is a late reply, but here are the answers to your questions:

    1. 따라다니다 is a verb which means "follow (somebody around), chase (after), go (after), or tag along"

    However, 다니다, by itself, means "go to, attend" for example, 학교를 다니다 = I attend/go to school.

    이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자 means "looking at/waiting for (something/someone) like this alone"

    바라만 보다 means "just looking at (someone) or waiting for (someone)"

    For example, someone who falls in "one way love" may be waiting for/looking at his/her lover."

    사랑하겠니 means "would I love (you/him/her)?", it's a rhetorical question. (The answer is probably no.)

    For example,
    이렇게 늦었는데 내가 가겠니? = I'm late like this, (so) would I go? (the implied answer is no)

    Hope this helped~ :-)

  8. I know 불후의 명곡, I've already watched quite a few episodes. :-)

    Yes, having fun while learning is very important!

    And thanks for the link for others!


  9. I got it.

    Then, what's the meaning of particle 며? Is it mean 'just/only' like particle 만? If it is, then what's the difference between those particle?

    Keep blogging :)

  10. Hi Millati,
    Here's my late answer.
    며 means "while/as"

    Please refer to "Conjunctions - While [~며/면서]" for more explanations and examples.

    자전거를 타며 노래를 불렀다.
    = While riding a bicycle, I sang a song.
    = As I was riding a bicycle, I sang a song

    공원을 걸으며 날아가는 새들을 봤다
    = While walking in the park, I saw birds flying across.
    = As I was walking in the park, I saw birds flying across.

    In this case of,
    이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자:

    = While only looking (at someone/something) like this alone.
    = As I'm only looking (at someone/something) like this alone.

    Happy New Year by the way~ :-)

  11. Happy new year, I wanted to further in -은/는거야, I have read that is not only used for questions when you see someone doing something,

    오늘 너가 청소하는거야 could be translate as "it is that you have to clean today".

    is this right usage?

    1. Yes, it's right.

      The emphasis on "you."

      And in spoken Korean, 너가 would be pronounced as 니가.

      오늘 니가 청소하는거야?

  12. I was wondering if there's a special meaning with 며 when it's used in this other way.

    I heard it in a drama.

    do they just stick it on to just emphasize/make it sound cute?

  13. I wanted to share links with other fellow people studying korean!

    Basically it's the closest thing to rikai-chan us korean learners will ever get? lol. The nice part is you can even choose the definition to come up in korean so for people who want to monolingual.. they can now :D

    There's also lingoes which is a dictinoary thing that you download. it just sucks cause it doesn't unconjugate stuff for you but still it has the function to show the meaning with right click/double click

    and there's with news with transcript for kbs and sbs


  14. oh and I had an issue with 며 as well.

    I heard stuff like 놀자며 in dramas and IT obviously doesn't mean "while" cause it's not even conjugated like that.

    because I couldn't find anything in english. I searched for it in means and I got って as the meaning. Then I was like, yeah that makes sense.

    It's hard to translate that. It's like quoting someone, saying oh you said that.

    so in this case I would translate it like "you said let's play [that's why I'm doing ___ right now] "

    This drove me nuts for a while cause when i looked up I only got the "while" meaning when i searched in English.

    Just saying it just in case you came up with the same example I did.

  15. Please continue to do this! I have been looking everywhere for this. China and Japan having something like this but Korea doesn't and it's been hard to spend the extra time to create a script for myself. Thank you so much!!!

  16. kunjungan sob ..
    salam sukses selalu .:)

  17. Hi, Luke. How are you?

    You haven't updated this blog for a long time, almost 9 months.

    I hope you're fine an just too busy to update this blog.

    1. Hi Millati Indah!

      Thanks for your message.

      I've actually put up some new posts on the the blog recently.

      Please check them out!

      Cheers. :-)

  18. Hopefully, I'd get a hang of these things. I've been wanting to learn Korean language for so long now.

  19. thanks for the posts. good stuff.

  20. I need help. I can't watch that video in my country. :-\

    1. I'm sorry to hear that Muhammad! Maybe try other videos.

      Try the "Learn Korean Through Music" tab at the top.

  21. what's going on, luke?
    I can't download the video?

    could you help me? thank you

  22. hy , i just start using your website 2 months ago .. which is very very helpful for me , ihave some questions... would you please answer me ?


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