Object Particle - 를 / 을

Please refer to Korean Listening Exercise - Objective Particle 를/을 for the audio recording of the sentences found in this lesson.

For the video recording of this lesson, please see below. :)

The object particle, 를/을, is attached to an object which verbs describe.

Here are example sentences:
  • 나는 라면을 먹었다 = I ate noodles [Literally, noodles을 ate]
  • 책을 읽었다 = read a book
  • 콜라를 마셨다 = drank coke
  • TV를 봤다 = watched TV 
  • 옷을 입었다 = wore clothes
  • 집을 지었다 = built a house
  • 케잌을 만들었다 = made a cake

나 = I
라면 = noodles
먹다 = eat
책 = a book
읽다 = read
콜라 = coke
마시다 = drink
보다 = see, watch
옷 = clothes
입다 = wear
집 = house
짓다 = build
케잌 = a cake
만들다 = make

The usage difference between 를 and 을 is that 를 is used for nouns without a final consonant, and 을 for nouns with a final consonant for the pronunciation's sake.
  • 사진을 찍었다 = took a photo
  • 나무를 심었다 = planted a tree
  • 빵을 샀다 = bought some bread
  • 차를 팔았다 = sold a car
  • 강을 건넜다 = crossed a river
  • 다리를 지났다 = passed a bridge
  • 숙제를 했다 = did homework

사진 = a photo
찍다 = take (a photo)
나무 = a tree
심다 = plant (verb)
빵 = bread
사다 = buy
차 = a car
팔다 = sell
강 = a river
건너다 = cross (verb, motion)
다리 = bridge
지나다 = pass (verb, motion)
숙제 = homework
하다 = do

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  1. OH MAH GOODNESS!!! *raises hands and spins around* reading this is like epiphanies!!! Before, it just wouldn't click in my head but now, I go through it once and I'm like, okay I got this now. Thank you so much!

  2. You really do an excellent job of clearing up the minor nuances between these finer grammar points that get glossed over by most introductory Korean courses. Thanks so much!

    By the way the link to the Time/Place Particle actually links back to the Object Particle page. Oops.

  3. so this is like the japanese direct object verb を! neato

  4. Can the object particle only be used in past tense?
    e.g bought something, ate something.

  5. "나는 라면을 먹있어" is it right to use "있어" instead of "있다"?

  6. Please tell me what's difference between using ga/i OR reul/eul?? I'm so confused!!

  7. Hello~ I just wanted to let you know that when I click to see the next section directs me to the previous section. I thought you'd want to fix it =)

  8. Yea...this post was very helpful. Always had a had time when i heard the eul/reul sound when watching my K-Dramas but not anymore. Gumapsuminda!

  9. Thank u very much for this! Your explanations are really good, it makes Korean easier. I have been learning Korean for the past 4 weeks straight and I read everything from y'all and now I get some words that I can't understand. ��


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