Yoon Do Hyun - Must Have Been In Love

윤도현 - 사랑했나봐

가사 (Lyrics)

이별(farewell, parting)은 만남(meeting, chance encounter)보다(more than) 참(quite) 쉬운건가봐(seems easy)

차갑기만한(only cold(emotionally)) 사람(person) 내 맘(my heart) 다(all) 가져간걸(already took)
왜(why) 알지 못하나(cannot know) 보고싶은(want to see) 그 사람(that person)

사랑했나봐(must have been in love) 잊을수 없나봐(It seems that I cannot forget)
자꾸(repeately, again and again) 생각나(think of) 견딜수가 없어(I cannot stand it)
후회하나봐(It seems (that I'm) regretting) 널 기다리나봐(It seems (that I'm) waiting for you)
또(again) 나도 몰래(Without me noticing, surreptitiously) 가슴 설레어와((my) heart flutters)
저기(there) 널(you) 닮은(resemble) 뒷(behind)모습(appearance, image)에

기억(memory)은 계절(season)따라(according to) 흩어져(scatter) 가겠지(It appears that it'll)
차갑기만한(only cold) 사람(person) 빈(empty) 가슴(heart) 애태우며(worry, fuss)
난(I) 기다리겠지(It appears that I'll wait) 어설픈(lame, poor) 내(my) 사랑(love)은

못되게(badly, mean) 눈돌리며(turn one's eyes) 외면한(look away)
네(니)(your) 모습(appearance) 모른척 할래(I'll do as if I don't know)
한번쯤은(At least once) 난(I) 뒤돌아보며(looking back)
아파했다(it hurt) 믿을래(I'll believe)

바보인가봐(It seems (like I'm) a fool) 한마디(one word) 못하는(cannot do)
잘지내냐는(how have you been) 그(that) 쉬운(easy) 인사(greetings)도
행복한가봐(It seems (that she's) happy) 여전한(as always) 미소(smile)는
자꾸만(repeately, again and again) 날(I) 작아지게(become smaller) 만들어(make) (make me become smaller again and again)
멀어지는(become distant) 니 모습처럼(like your appearance/image/form)

언젠가(one day) 다른(other/different) 사람(person) 만나게(meet) 되겠지(It'll become that)
널(you) 닮은(resemble) 미소 짓는(make a smile)
하지만(but) 그(that) 사람(person)은 니가(you) 아니라서(because it's not)
왠지(somehow) 슬플것 같아(I think it'll be sad) 잊을수 없는(cannot forget) 사람(person)

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