Are you doing? - ~시는 거예요? [Polite]

Are you doing? - ~시는 거예요? [Polite]

시는 거예요 is commonly used in situations where you want to ask somebody what they're doing.

시는 거예요 can only used when you're actually seeing somebody doing something, and you want to ask them what they are doing.

● Rule 

Take 다 off a plain verb and add 시는 거예요?

  • 하다 → 하시는 거예요? = Are you doing?
  • 가다 → 가시는 거예요? = Are you going?
  • 읽다 → 읽으시는 거예요? = Are you reading?
  • 보다 → 보시는 거예요? = Are you watching?
  • 쓰다 → 쓰시는 거예요? = Are you writing?
  • 먹다 → 드시는 거예요? = Are you eating?
  • 마시다 → 마시는 거예요? = Are you drinking?
  • 자다 → 주무시는 거예요? = Are you sleeping?
  • 보내다 → 보내시는 거예요? = Are you sending?
Note: Irregular verbs 
  • 읽다 → 읽으시는 거예요? NOT 읽시는 거예요?
  • 자다 → 주무시는 거예요? NOT 자시는 거예요?
  • 먹다 → 드시는 거예요? NOT 먹시는 거예요?
  • 일 하시는 거예요? = Are you working?
  • 점심 드시는 거예요? = Are you having lunch?
  • 집에 가시는 거예요? = Are you going home?
  • 교회 가시는 거예요? = Are you going to church?
  • 물  마시는 거예요? = Are you drinking water?
  • 영화 보시는 거예요? = Are you watching a movie?
  • 에세이 쓰시는 거예요? = Are you writing an essay?
  • 문자 메시지 보내시는 거예요? = Are you sending a txt message?
  • 벌써 주무시는 거예요? = Are you sleeping already?

You can add 언제, 어디, 누가, 뭐, 어떻게 or 왜 [when, where, who, what, how or why] in front of ~시는 거예요? to make these sentences.
  • 뭐 하시는 거예요? = What are you doing?
  • 뭐 읽으시는 거예요? = What are you reading?
  • 뭐 보시는 거예요? = What are you watching?
  • 뭐 쓰시는 거예요? = What are you writing?
  • 뭐 드시는 거예요? = What are you eating?
  • 뭐 마시는 거예요? = What are you drinking?
  • 뭐 보내시는 거예요? = What are you sending?
  • 어디 가시는 거예요? = Where are you going?
  • 누가 주무시는 거예요? = Who is sleeping?
  • 누가 하시는 거예요? = Who is doing?
  • 어떻게 쓰시는 거예요? = How are you writing?
  • 왜 하시는 거예요? = Why are you doing?


  1. Here's some additional explanation in regards to 는 거예요?

    I received this question:

    I saw this subtitle, "이걸 쓰신거예요?"
    Is it correct to use this? or will it be "이걸 쓰시는거예요?"?

    Here's my answer:

    While reading your question, it seemed even to me that 쓰신거예요 was a contracted form of 쓰시는거예요 but actually they are quite different in their usage.

    이걸 쓰신거예요? means "Did you write this?"
    whereas 이걸 쓰시는거예요? means "Are you writing this?"

    For example,

    이걸 드신 거예요? = Did you eat this?
    이걸 드시는 거예요? = Are you eating this?

    이걸 보신 거예요? = Did you watch this?
    이걸 보시는 거예요? = Are you watching this?

    이걸 잡으신 거예요? = Did you catch this? (like fish)
    이걸 잡으시는 거예요? = Are you catching this?

    So ㄴ거예요? and 는 거예요? are quite different.

    In addition,

    일 거예요? means "will you?"

    쓰실 거예요? = Will you write?
    드실 거예요? = Will you eat?
    가실 거예요? = Will you go/leave?
    보실 거예요? = Will you watch?
    잡으실 거예요? = Will you catch?


    하신 거예요? = Did you do? (past)
    하시는 거예요? = Are you doing? (present)
    하실 거예요? = Will you do? (future)

    I hope this helps.

  2. Swiss Korean Learner8:52 AM, June 13, 2012

    I have a question about this sentence.

    먹다 → 드시는 거예요? = Are you eating?

    Isn't it more like this? 먹시는 거예요?

    Thanks for your answer. And keep on going your very excellent blog about Korean language, as it is a truly jewel for all learners of Korean.

    1. Hi Swiss Korean Learner,

      The honorific form of 먹다 is 드시다.

      Therefore, 드시다 is conjugated to 드시는 거예요?

      It is one of the irregular verbs as has been explained above.

      Cheers. :-)

  3. Hi ^-^ i wanted to ask a question about these two words which i have seen in the comments,
    if i'm right, i think they mean "This" ,but i don't know the difference in their usage
    can you please explain it to me... 감사합니다 :)

    1. 이걸=이것을 and this is an object
      이것 is a subject
      I think you can treat them as this way.

  4. I've already seen with 가 at the end, that's another meaning?


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