Learn Korean Language - 018

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 018

오늘 뭐 할까? = What shall we do today?
글쎄, 영화 보러 갈까? =  Well, shall we go watch movies?

Note: Shall we do something? - 우리 뭐 할까?

Korean words:

  • 볼까요? = Shall we watch?
  • 갈까요? = Shall we go?
  • 춤추러 갈까요? = Shall we go dancing?
  • 수영하러 갈까요? = Shall we go swimming?
  • 낚시하러 갈까요? = Shall we go fishing?
  • 쇼핑하러 갈까요? = Shall we go shopping?
  • 비빔밥 먹으러 갈까요? = Shall we go eat bibimbap?
  • 노래방 갈까요? = Shall we go to karaoke room?
  • 노래방 가자. = Let's go to karaoke room.

Wrap it up!
  • 오늘 뭐 할까? = What shall we do today?
  • 농구장에 갈까? = Shall we go to a basketball court?
  • 좋아! 우리 뛰어 갈까? = Sure! Shall we run?
  • 신발은 바꿔 신고 가야지! = Hey, we haven't swapped back our shoes!! (Lit. We should swap our shoes and go!)


  1. I watched this video a year ago and understood very little. I understand everything now, thanks to your explanation and web site. You have the only web site which explains Korean grammar. Thank you very much for making this web site!

  2. You're welcome. I appreciate your encouraging comment! ;)


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