Learn Korean Language - 015

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 015

  • 불고기 먹으러 갑시다 = Let's go eat Bulgogi (the marinated beef).
  • 불고기 먹으러 가요. = Let's go eat Bulgogi (the marinated beef).
  • 미안해요. 저는 고기를 못 먹어요. = Sorry. I cannot eat meat.
In the first sentence, we use 갑시다 which means "let's go" and 먹으러 갑시다 which means "let's go eat". However, I'd say 갑시다 is rather musculine in tone, rather confirmative and forceful and used usually by adults whereas 가요 is a polite form used by anyone who is talking to older people or anyone in any formal situations.

For example,
  • the boss of a company could say, 점심 먹으러 갑시다 to all his employee, "let's go eat lunch." 
  • a child may say to his parents, 아빠, 저녁 먹으러 가요!, "let's go eat dinner! Daddy!"
못 is used often and is attached in front of a verb in the spoken form, 못 먹어요 means "I cannot eat"

Korean words:
  • 못 가요 = can't go
  • 못 해요 = can't do
  • 못 먹어요 = can't eat
  • 못 마셔요 = can't drink
  • 못 써요 = can't write
  • 못 들어요 = can't hear
  • 못 봐요 = can't watch
안 is placed in front of a verb in the spoken form, 안 먹어요 means "I don't eat"
  • 안 가요 = don't go
  • 안 해요 = don't do
  • 안 먹어요 = don't eat
  • 안 마셔요 = don't drink
  • 안 써요 = don't write
  • 안 들어요 = don't hear
  • 안 봐요 = don't watch
맥주 한잔 하러 갑시다 = Let's go have a beer (Idiom. Lit. Let's do one glass of beer)
저는 맥주를 못 마셔요 = I can't drink beer
네, 좋아요 = Yes, I'd like to.


  1. In your example, 불고기 먹으러 갑시다, why did you use 으러 instead of 를? thanks so much, i've been reading your blog i think for almost a year now..

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You could also say, 불고기를 먹으러 갑시다 but 를 can be omitted in spoken Korean.

      으러 is a stem which is used to indicate the purpose of doing something.

      For example,

      먹으러 means "to eat." (The purpose is to eat)

      Therefore, 먹으러 가요 means "(Let's) go to eat"

      사러 가요 means "(Let's) go to buy"
      놀러 가요 means "go to play"

      Additionally, 를 cannot be attached to verbs unless they have been nominalised.

      Hope this helped with understanding it!

      Cheers for following the blog for almost a year! :)


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