Learn Korean Language - 002

Let's Speak Korean - 002

I highly recommend watching this show. Stephen Revere is very enthusiastic, and his explanations are excellent.

  • 무슨 일을 하세요? = What work do you do? (= What do you do for a living?)
  • 무슨, 뭐 = what

Note: When 무슨 is used, a noun is attached after it.

  • 무슨 일 = what work 
  • 무슨 직업 = what vocation
  • 무슨 학교 = what school
  • 무슨 옷 = what clothes [무슨 옷 샀어? = What clothes did you buy?]

But 뭐 is used alone, 

  • 뭐 하세요? = What do you do?
  • 병원에서 뭐 하세요? = What do you do at hospital?
  • 집에서 뭐 하세요? = What do you do at home?

우리 can be omitted when answering the question because we already know that we are talking about my father, (우리) 아버지.
  • (우리) 아버지는 병원에서 일하세요. = (Our) father works at hospital.
  • (우리) 어머니는 병원에서 일해요. = (Our) mother works at hospital.

Note: 해요 = 하세요 They are both formal. (Verbs - Formal [Present, Past]),

Word List:

  • 의사 = doctor
  • 간호사 = nurse
  • 선생님 = teacher
  • 학생 = student
  • 배우 = actor
  • 군인 = soldier
  • 변호사 = lawyer
  • 경찰 = police officer
  • 소방관 = fire fighter
  • 이발사 = barber

Example sentences
  • 학생이에요 or 학생입니다 = I am a student
  • 학교에서 공부 해요 = I study at school (= student)
  • 학교에서 일(을) 해요 = I work at school (= teacher)

Note: Object particles can be omitted in speech.

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  1. Hello,

    I know it is so late since posting this great video but I really so so happy that I could find this great site to learn the Korean Language.

    This is a very very useful site for me and I have learnt a lot from this video.


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