Learn Korean Language - 180

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 180

I find this programme very helpful for learning Korean. You can listen to a few sentences found in ordinary conversations and they are explained to you in English and so it will be easier to understand them. You can also practice listening and speaking in Korean. I have also made some explanations of the sentences below.


안녕하세요! = Hello! [Formal]

친구한테 문자 메시지 보내는 거야? = Are you sending a txt message to your friend?

Korean words:

보내다 = send
보내는 거야? = Are you sending? (Are you doing? - ~는 거야?)

친구 = friend
문자 메시지 = text message
음성 메시지 = voice message
한테 = see (Particles - 께/에게/한테) 

응. 아직 서툴러서 시간이 걸려. = Yes. Because I'm still clumsy, it takes time.

아직 = still
서투르다 = clumsy

시간 = time
걸리다 = takes


낮 말은 새가 듣고 밤 말은 쥐가 듣는다. = The day time speech, the birds hear, and the night time speech, the rats hear. (The walls have ears.)

듣다 = hear (a plain form)
듣는다 = hear (a present written form) (Verbs - Present, Past)

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