Learn Korean Language - 011

Learn Korean Language: Let's Speak Korean - 011

In this lesson, Stephen teaches you how to express your desire to do something with somebody. Also see (Would you like to go? - 갈래요?)

  • 극장에 같이 갈래요? = Would you like to go to the cinema together?
  • 네, 좋아요 = Yes, I'd like to. (most common)
  • 네, 갈래요 = Yes, I will go. (very uncommon)
  • 네, 가고 싶어요 = Yes, I want to go. (fairly uncommon) see (Verbs - Want)
  • 아뇨, 안 갈래요 = No, I won't go.
  • 너무 피곤해요 = I'm very tired
Korean words:

네 = Yes (formal)
아니요 = No (formal)
아뇨 = 아니요's contracted form
어 = Yes (informal)
아니 = No (Informal)

좋다 = like, good
좋아 = like, good (spoken form)
좋아요 = like, good (formal spoken form)
극장 = theatre, cinema
같이 = together
너무 = very
피곤하다 = tired
피곤해요 = tired (formal spoken form)

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