Conjunctions - And

그리고 [and]

그리고 can only be used between sentences.

Yesterday = 어제
Book = 책
Banana = 바나나
read = 읽다
read[past] = 읽었다
sleep = 자다 slept = 잤다 


  • 어제 책을 읽었다. 그리고 잤다. [Yesterday, read book. And slept.]
  • 바나나는 맛있다. 그리고 달다. [Banana is delicious. And sweet.]
The two sentences are linked by 그리고 but they are still separate. To link two or more sentences into one sentence, please refer to Verbs - Connective.

와/과 ['and' for nouns]

와/과 is used for nouns. Use 와 after nouns without a final consonant, and 과 for nouns with a final consonant. 과/와 is only used to join nouns. 

  • 바다와 산 = Sea and Mountain
  • 너와 나 = You and I
  • 밥과 빵 = rice and bread
  • 책과 연필과 종이 = book, pencil and paper


  1. hello I am very thankful to your blog I can use this information living here in Korea now I am just 3 mo. living here and this info really help thank to you by the way I am angela from philippines;)

  2. your from philippines??? . . and your living in korea??? . . how lucky you , i always wanted to go in korea "South korea" . . but im just a high school student . . going to korea is my dream and also to be a Flight attendant . .>.<

  3. what about a series of things. do you add 와/과 to the end of each noun in the series?

  4. Hi Alexis,

    Yes, you add 와/과 to each noun in written Korean or 랑/이랑 in spoken Korean.

  5. For example, 바나나랑 사과랑 배 = a banana, apple and pear

  6. Hi Luke, I was just wondering when you would use 하고 for "and" and this blog is so helpful thank you so much:))

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    You can use 하고 to link sentences. For example,

    나는 청소를 했다 = I did cleaning
    나는 저녁을 먹었다 = I had dinner

    나는 청소를 하고 저녁을 먹었다 = I did cleaning, and had dinner.

    Please also refer to
    ● Verbs - Connective for more detailed explanations.

    And you're welcome! :-)

  8. Hii Luke .
    my name is Mor and im from Israel.
    im sorry if im making alot of mistakes my English is not good .

    we need to use 하고 only in past sentences?
    thank you!!!

    1. Hi Mori,

      You can use 하고 in any tenses.

      For example,

      나하고 우리 가족은 소풍을 갔다. = I and my family went for a picnic.

      진수하고 존이 대표에요 = Jinsu and John are the representatives.

      Cheers. :-)

  9. Hey! How do you use 'and' for persons? For example Jun Sang and Min Jee?

    1. Hi, it's the same 과/와 as explained above for nouns. It would be 준상과 민지 (Jun Sang and Min Jee).

      Use 과 or 와 depending on the presence/absence of final consonants as explained above.


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