Korean Listening Exercise - Particles - 에서, 까지 [From, to; at/in]

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For more explanations on the following sentences below, please refer to the lesson, Particles - 에서, 까지 [From, to; at/in].

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Example sentences

집에서 학교까지 = From home to school

1(한)시에서 2(두)시까지 = From 1pm to 2pm

영국에서 왔어 = I came from England

산 정상까지 올라갔다 = I climbed up to the summit of the mountain.

저녁까지 돌아와 = Come back by evening

캐나다까지 갔다 = I went as far as Canada.

  • 집 = house, home
  • 학교 = school
  • 영국 = England
  • 산 정상 = mountain summit
  • 저녁 = evening
  • 캐나다 = Canada

Example sentences

학교에서 미식축구를 했다. = At school, we played American football.

일식집에서 초밥을 먹었다 = At a Japanese restaurant, I ate sushi.

공원에서 배드민턴을 쳤다 = In the park, we played badminton.

방에서 공부를 했다 = In my room, I studied.

화장실에서 샤워를 했다 = In the bathroom, I had a shower.
  • 미식축구 = American football
  • 일식집 = Japanese restaurant
  • 초밥 = sushi
  • 공원 = park
  • 배드민턴 = badminton
  • 방 = room
  • 공부 = study (noun)
  • 공부를 했다 = studied
  • 화장실 = bathroom/toilet
  • 샤워 = shower
  • 샤워를 했다 = had a shower (Lit. did a shower)

Note: In spoken Korean, 를/을 is usually omitted.

For example:

  • 공부를 했다 → 공부 했어 (I studied)
  • 샤워를 했다 → 샤워 했어 ( I had a shower)
  • 저녁을 먹었다 → 저녁 먹었어 (I had dinner)

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