Korean Language Guide

The following are the complete list of the lessons created so far in this Korean Language Guide.










Advanced Grammar


Special Expressions



Other Lessons


    1. Thank you so much for this brilliant guide, reading several of the comments that you have had, it is obvious that you are helping a lot of people out.
      Even more impressive, is that it doesn't appear that you are even living in Korea, which is motivation for expats who are living in Korea to learn Korean.
      You are probably already aware of this, but I wanted to suggest adding a link to this website on your website. It has great Korean kids songs and short programs on it http://kr.infant.kids.yahoo.com/infantzone/infantmain.html

      1. Hi OliviaB,

        You're welcome!

        I'm glad that you find the blog helpful!

        I have included the web address you gave me to the "Listening Exercise" section of the blog.

        By the way, it seems Yahoo! Korea is closing down at the end of this month, so I'm not sure whether the website will be still available next year. @.@

    2. Hi teacher
      thank you for lessons. I loved those very much. chinja kumasmida! :)
      But I have a simple question. If I want to start from one lesson and go to next and next till end, which lesson is the best for lesson one?
      And where is the map of road?
      How can I find the next lesson?
      thank you
      P.S. I only have a yahoo Id where can I insert it? :D

      1. Hi mina,

        it'd be good to follow this guide from the top to bottom.

        Starting with particles would be a good choice.

        P.S. I don't think you can add a yahoo ID to this.


    3. Thank you for this wonderful guide! It's really helpful for people like me who aspires to learn the language. I just found out this site yesterday which is good timing because I just finished memorizing hangeul. I'm currently at the additive particle and I am hoping I can finish this by December. Have a great day Luke!

    4. I am so glad i came across this website. I have been listening to K- Pop since i was a senior in high school which was about five years ago. I started watching K-Drama's for about 4 years now and i still only know so many words. Though i gave up K pop, I still watch K-Drama's on a weekly basis. I am a slow learner so i hope i can catch on like others have been able to. Thank you for the help. God Bless. =D


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