Particles - 께/에게/한테

Particles - 께/에게/한테 [Dative Particle]

The dative particle, 에게/한테, is mainly used for someone/something to whom you are giving something. 께 is a honorific form, 에게 is a formal form and 한테 is an informal form.

Eg. 1
아버지께 선물을 드렸다 = To my father, I gave a present.

아버지 = Father
선물 = present
드리다 = give (honorific form)
드렸다 = gave (honorific form)

아빠에게 선물을 드렸다 = To my dad, I gave a present.

아빠 = Dad
선물 = present
드리다 = give (honorific form)
드렸다 = gave (honorific form)

누나한테 물을 주었다. = To older sister, I gave water

누나 = older sister
물 = water
주다 = give
주었다 = gave

(으)로부터/에게서/한테서 is used when you are receiving something from someone. Again, (으)로부터 is an honorific form, 에게서 is formal and 한테서 is informal.


대통령으로부터 상을 받았다 = From the president, I received a prize.


엄마에게서 편지를 받았다 = From mum, I received a letter

엄마 = mum
편지 = letter
받다 = receive
받았다 = received

Eg. 2
형한테서 소식을 들었다 = From older brother, I heard news

형 = older brother
소식 = news
듣다 = hear
들었다 = heard


  1. I have been studying Korean grammar on my own for over a year, and your blog is the first and only place where I have found the honorific form of "from" in Korean! My Korean co-teachers said that it didn't exist! Thank you so much for this information! Now I know to use, "(으)로부터" when talking about my superiors! Keep up the good work!

  2. ditto... the thanks I mean. This cleared up some misunderstandings I had

  3. "From mum"
    ha ha. You are British?


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